Sunday, 29 November 2015

Good and Bad of Blogger

Good and Bad Parts of Blogger

Lets talk about Blogger first

First of all ask yourself why you need a blog if you want a blog for free and want to try yourself in the world of online then Blogger is the best medium for you its free of cost and almost anyone can make their online presence via Blogger so I will will talk about Good and Bad Points of Blogger, So you can decide whether blogger is the right place for you or not, After this you can try Blogger.

Reach Thousands of Readers

Through Blog you can help thousand of readers so do keep in mind make your Blog with LOVE and help other.

Good and Bad of Blogger

Like always Blogger also have Good and Bad parts but being said that I would say try Blogger then decide because Blogger is Free and Easy to Use also

So lets begin

Good Points :

  • Free
  • Easy
  • A Google Product
  • Good for First Time Bloggers
  • Adsense
  • You jus need a Gmail Account
  • You get a Free Subdomain example (
  • Anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can make Excellent Blogs
  • You get Maximum of 100 Blogs Unlimited Posts, Unlimited Pages

Bad Points :

  • There are better alternatives
  • Maybe not as good looking as other blogging platforms
  • Limited Features
  • Not so good looking themes


So, this was my Review of Blogger. Being said that lets talk about some other alternatives which are - Wordpress, Weebly, Wix, and many more and most of them has a Free plan also so you should also consider those also but if you want to test your hands online Blogger is one of the easiest, the only thing you need is a Gmail Account.

Don't consider Blogger for Business/Corporate Website

But if you want to make a corporate Website then I would suggest Weebly, Wix, Wordpress because Blogger is for Bloggers.

How to make Money on Blogger

If you are thinking how can you make Money out of Blogger Blog so I would like to tell you their are options like Adsense and Blogger is a Google Product adding Adsense to Blogger is pretty simple.

Blogger for Professional Editor also

If you want be Professional then then you can also edit HTML in Blogger very easily, you can change layout, you can add widgets and much more.

Start your own Blogger Blog (NOW)

To make Blogger Blog just simply got to So in the end I would say you should give Blogger a try.


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